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Stay ahead of innovation, navigate trends, and seize transformative opportunities. With a fusion of executive acumen, business strategy, and profound scientific knowledge, we elevate your projects across venture building, growth challenges, therapeutic development, business development, market intelligence, and due diligence.

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Swiss Alternative Investments - Zurich April 17th 2024 Swiss Biotech Days - Basel 22th-23th April 2024 Capital for Cures - Slate Mountains Capital - Basel April 22th 2024 Microbiome R&D, Probiotics, Skin Microbiome Forum Europe - La Hague 23th-32th April 2024 Rejuvenation Startup Summit - Berlin 10th-11th May 2024 Philadelphia Biotech Hub - Philadelphia 14th-21st May 2024 SwissHLG - Swiss Healthcare Licencing Group - Montreux 26th-32th May 2024

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Empowering Your Journey

Biotech and Biopharma Pioneers

Empowering Startups and Emerging Ventures

Accelerate by conquering company building and growth challenges, from securing funding, navigating regulatory environments, and scaling operations. We provide the expertise to transform your innovative ideas into market-leading solutions

Capital and Strategy Architects

Elevating Investors and Decision Makers

Maximize the impact of your investments in the Biotech, Biopharma, and Deeptech sectors. From identifying promising opportunities to optimizing the performance of portfolio companies, our strategic insights and actionable advice are your keys to superior returns

Innovation and Growth Catalysts

Accelerate Innovation in Established Entities

Drive innovation and growth in Biopharma, Biotech, and Deeptech. Through expert consultation and tailored solutions, we elevate your organization, enhance team synergy, and ensure a seamless path to excellence.

Global Business Expansion Strategists

Navigating Your Path to Worldwide Markets

Embark on your journey to global market expansion with our strategic guidance. We specialize in entering new territories, establishing cross-border partnerships, and adapting your business for international success. Our expertise transforms local champions into global leaders by leveraging insights into international business dynamics.

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Driven by a passion for science and business, Trilliome has a proven track record in the biotech and biopharma sectors. We're committed to delivering excellence at every stage of your business journey. With our unique blend of business acumen, industry knowledge, and scientific expertise, we're ready to help you transform your business vision into reality.

Elevating Investors and Decision Makers

Capital and Strategy Architects

Our comprehensive suite of services in biotechnology investment encompasses everything from scientific due diligence and market analysis to portfolio strategy, and technology scouting. With our expertise, we support business development, provide scientific advisory, offer tailored educational workshops, conduct customized research, and facilitate valuable networking opportunities, empowering investors to navigate the biotech sector with confidence and strategic insight.

Scientific Due Diligence
Leverage our expertise in scrutinizing target companies' science, technology, and intellectual property. We evaluate the viability, risks, and rewards of investing in groundbreaking biotech firms, guiding you toward informed decisions.
Market and Competitor Insights
Gain an in-depth understanding of market dynamics, growth forecasts, and the competitive arena within the biotech sector. Our analysis identifies key players and emerging talents, precisely steering your investment strategy.
Portfolio Strategy
Evaluate and refine your investment portfolio with our insights on diversification, risk assessment, and industry trends. We pinpoint investment opportunities in the biotech landscape that align with your objectives.
Technology Scouting
Discover breakthrough technologies in their nascent stages, poised for significant investment returns. Our scientific acumen assesses the potential of academic and private research innovations, earmarking promising ventures.
Business Development Guidance
We can help you propel your portfolio ventures forward by forging partnerships, navigating licensing agreements, and executing mergers or acquisitions. Benefit from our C-level experience in conducting sophisticated business negotiations.
Scientific Advisory
Access our advisory expertise for private equity firms and decision-markers seeking authoritative scientific perspectives. We offer insights into the latest research trends and developments across biology, chemistry, and engineering, enriching your investment strategies.
Customized Research & Analysis
Request tailored studies for particular biotech sectors or companies. Our unique insights, drawn from beyond the public domain, illuminate opportunities and challenges specific to your interests.
Networking Facilitation
Tap into our vast academia, industry, and government network to unlock potential collaborations and partnerships. Whether through targeted events or direct introductions, we bridge connections that foster growth and innovation.

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Do you offer fundraising assistance and introductions to your VC network?
We specialize in offering integrated consulting services rather than focusing solely on isolated fundraising efforts. We excel in embedding fundraising strategies within a wider, holistic mandate, ensuring a synergistic approach that benefits both fundraisers and fund providers. For a more cohesive solution, we encourage exploring our array of services, rooted in our commitment to understanding and serving the interests of all parties involved.

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